Converting Two Single Garage Doors to a Double Garage Door

If you are privileged sufficient to own a big garage you will certainly often have two solitary sized garage doors as your main form of an entryway.

As eye-catching as these single sized doors could look you are losing a great deal of usable area due to the main pillar between the two doors.

It is fairly easy to turn your solitary sized doors right into one large dual sized garage door, therefore, making use of the full opening size to its maximum potential.

Before you think about transforming your garages you need to examine the prices and schedule of the new double-sized door. Being that these are commonly larger compared to any kind of standard door you will certainly need to look to a Pro Garage Door St. Louis company who produce bespoke doors that can be created to fit your garage.

Picking a respectable garage company you could find they have the ability to perform the conversion of your solitary doors for you along with mounting the garage door itself.

Converting the door is a relatively straightforward treatment. The basics are as adheres to:

Firstly a brand-new lintel has to be set up as almost certainly you will have 2 lintels at present resting on top of the center pillar. Removing the center pillar similar to this would result in the entire roofing collapsing. The brand-new lintel will certainly remain in one piece as well as extending the whole opening width of your garage.

Using props to stand up the roof covering of the garage the new lintel is mounted, resting on the brickwork either side of the garage. The main pillar is currently removed. Begotten ready for a great deal of brickwork to be dealt with – commonly a miss is the only method to deal with this. PVC cladding will certainly most likely be needed to cover over the lintel and also make every little thing appearance wonderful.

You currently have one big dual opening ready to have your double sized garage door mounted.

Whilst the above steps may appear simple, there are various issues that you can discover in doing this job and therefore you should look for specialist suggestions of automatic garage door prior to undertaking this job or better still Рmake use of a professional.